Sram Centerline Disc Rotor with 6 Steel Rotor Bolts B0127D922E

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  • CENTERLINE ROTOR - CenterLine cutting edge design provides smooth engagement, consistent performance, and quiet running braking surface

  • CONSISTENT FRICTION - Keeps the center of friction consistent throughout rotation, thereby minimizing vibration and offering consistent performance

  • 12-SPOKE DESIGN - One-piece steel design with 12 spokes optimizes the rotor strength and helps dissipate heat quickly to reduce warping and distortion

  • QUIET RIDE - CenterLine track maximizes performance while minimizing vibration and noise for a quiet brake operation

  • COMPATIBILITY - SRAM Centerline rotor is compatible with all Avid and SRAM disc brakes and includes 6 attachment bolts for mounting

  • Get the ultimate in stopping power with the SRAM Centerline Disc Brake Rotor. The rotor has been machined out of a single piece of steel, and is designed to keep the braking friction forces centered to reduce vibration and chatter. This provides more consistent performance and a quieter ride, with excellent heat dissipating properties. Twin diameter contact pattern keeps friction forces centered on the rotor so it will hold up to the friction of your brakes. Includes all hardware needed for mounting. Change the rotor when the thickness is less than 1.55 mm or when changing braking material.

    All new brake pads and rotors should be put through a wear-in process called 'bed-in'. The bed-in procedure, which should be performed prior to your first ride, ensures the most consistent and powerful braking feel along with the quietest braking in most riding conditions. The bed-in process heats up the brake pads and rotors, which deposits an even layer of brake pad material (transfer layer) to the braking surface of the rotor. This transfer layer optimizes braking performance.

    Sram Centerline Disc Rotor with 6 Steel Rotor Bolts B0127D922E