RockShox Pike Ultimate 27.5in Boost Fork Gloss Black B07VHTCR48

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  • Product Code: B07VHTCR48

Available Options

  • Travel: 120mm, 130mm, 140mm, 150mm, 160mm

  • Stanchion Material: Fast Black-coated aluminum

  • Lower Material: magnesium

  • Crown Material: tapered wall aluminum

  • Wheel Size: 27.5in

  • RockShox is no stranger to progression. When the Pike was first released, it soared well past the competition, and offered trail connoisseurs plush travel, and consistent performance that was hard to beat at the time. And even with the prowess right out of the gates that RockShox illustrated, its designers have still been steadily improving the Pike for the past few years -- most recently we saw the new Charger 2 damper and DebonAir spring come into play. Sticking true to the brand's progressive nature, the new RockShox Pike Ultimate 27. 5in Boost Fork comes into play as a 2020 option, before the snow has finished melting from all of the trails around the Competitive office. The new Pike Ultimate is smoother than ever before, and rides higher in its travel for better handling of big hits, as well as a snappy and quick recovery. It features updates to the seals, grease, oil bath, and even the damper. Additionally, the lowers see an aesthetic update with the new gloss silver and gloss black colorways that are sure to elevate your steed's head-turning abilities. The Pike Ultimate is Rockshox' flagship offering--the creme de la creme in the trail bike category. 2019 updates start with a more slippery Maxima oil that does a better job lubricating the seals. The seals themselves are also new, moving to lower-friction design inspired by the motocross industry. Rockshox also went with a new type of grease in the air chamber that lasts much longer than what was previously used. The biggest changer is to the damper cartridge, now dubbed Charger 2. 1. For Charger 2. 1, Rockshox tweaked the high-speed compression damping to reduce harshness, and also changed the low-speed compression settings to make them much more usable--meaning you can run the highest amount of compression and still have a supple fork. The rebound circuit has been updated, allowing the fork to ride higher in its travel across chattery braking bumps. The oil flow path is also revised, providing more consi...

    RockShox Pike Ultimate 27.5in Boost Fork Gloss Black B07VHTCR48